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Parachutist Back Issues State & National Record Certificates 2020 Calendar
Parachutist Back Issues
Our Price: $5.00
Sale Price: $4.50
Savings: $0.50
2020 Calendar
Our Price: $15.00
Back issues are available for approximately five years after date of publication. Bulk discounts available.
Order the certificate you never received! Certificates may be purchased for all records—past and present—that are recognized by USPA. 13 months of incredible 11x14-inch photographs by skydiving's finest
photographers from around the world. Limited supplies, order today! Bulk
discounts available.
2019-2020 Skydiver's Information Manual 2019-2020 Instructional Rating Manual 2019-2020 Coach/Instructor Pack
2019-2020 Coach/Instructor Pack
Our Price: $60.00
Sale Price: $55.00
Savings: $5.00
The 2019-2020 SIM contains material for beginning to master-level skydivers whether working toward a license or rating or engaging in specialized activities like night jumps and wingsuiting. Bulk discounts available. This publication is a required reference for candidates in the Coach, AFF, IAD, Static-Line, and Tandem instructional rating courses, and it includes all the information for the Instructor Examiner rating. Bulk discounts available. Save $5 when you purchase the SIM and IRM together in one convenient pack.